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Stop the Stereotypes

Stereotypes seem to be everywhere.  Like, really, they’re everywhere.

Growing up I lived in a nice town in Connecticut, so people always assumed I was a fancy, rich kid… well okay, that’s kind of true, but I never acted like I was better than anyone because of the town I grew up in or the fact my family has money.  But over the last two months I’ve experienced a new stereotype…

… for being vegan.

When people see that I promote myself as a vegan they automatically assume that I’m an animal rights activist who will start preaching to them about not eating animals because it’s not right.  Well, news flash, I’m not exactly an animal rights activist… I’m just trying to be healthier than I was before.  Not to say that saving animals isn’t a bonus to being a vegan, but to me that’s all it is – a bonus.

So just stop with the stereotyping, it’s just not cool.

And it’s annoying.