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Moving… Again.

We’re moving to another state.

When I say “we” I mean my brother Sammy and his girlfriend Mia.  We’re moving up to Illinois, just a few towns away from where my other brothers, Seth and Scotty, and my girlfriend go to boarding school.

Needless to say, I’m very excited to be near those three again.  It’s going to make our senior year the best ever.  Yeah, I know, I’m an online student.  But that means I’ll be more flexible to be able to go visit them and they’ll be able to stay over on the weekends if they want to.

So Illinois will be the forth state I’ve lived in, since I don’t count being at boarding school as living there because it wasn’t permanent.  Before that I have lived in Connecticut, New York and Virginia.  My favorites have been my home state (CT) and Virginia.  New York was okay, but I didn’t live there for too long.

I’m excited for this new adventure, even though it means starting new and saying goodbye to friends.  At least it’s not goodbye forever.  I’m sure they’ll be visiting soon enough.  In fact, my brother’s best friend is planning on moving up here when he’s done with this coming fall semester.

That’s still a few months away though.


A New View

I’ve only been in London for a few days, but I know for sure that I’d love to come back very soon or even live here after I graduate high school.  I don’t know if I want to live here permanently, just maybe for a year or two.  Who knows?  Maybe for college I could do a study abroad program or something.

914430_552722024853463_459663488_nAnyway, today we went back to Cookies and Scream and went to a few well-known London sites like the London Eye and Big Ben.  To my personal delight, we even rode on one of those double-decker buses you always see in pictures of London.  But on top of that London has so many great places to visit and do.  I honestly don’t think we’ll be able to do them all before we have to leave.  That just gives us a reason to come back though :)

I’m still not used to the time change, but I am getting at least a few hours of sleep.  My brothers and I haven’t really been doing our normal workout since we’re so messed up, so it’s been a little weird.  In a way, I kind of can’t wait to be back in the US and back to our normal routine.


Time Change

So I arrived in England earlier today… well, not that early.  It was around 11:30am here in England, but back home in the US it would’ve been 6:30am which I guess isn’t all that early because I would be up around that time anyway… weird.

Anyway, my brothers and I are here to visit our cousin who moved here about 2 months ago with her husband because he got a job here.  It’s the first time all three of us have ever been to London and so far we are really liking it.  We didn’t actually do too much today, since my brothers and I are pretty tired from the trip, but we have the whole week to go out and explore.

However, we did go to this vegan bakery my cousin found a few weeks ago called Cookies and Scream, and I want to make sure I go at least a few more times before we have to leave!  I wish I could take it with me! It was that good!

Not much else to say right now.  It’s bedtime here, but I’m not tired since back home it’s only 6:30pm.  This time change is going to be hard to get used to.