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How to Keep a Cool Head On the Internet

So today I’m sharing Young & Twenty’s latest post about how to have a discussion on the Internet rather than an all out fight (you know, with CAPS).  It seems for as long as the Internet has been a thing, people have been getting into fights over just about anything, but especially the controversial topics.  Though seeing people get so hot-headed over can be amusing to someone like me who stays out of it all, people can just sometimes be out of control.

Anyway, over on Young & Twenty, Jennifer shared 10 tips on how to have a discussion and not a hot-headed dispute on the Internet.

I’m sharing this because I think it’s important for everyone to read.  Even if you think you can keep your cool when something pops up that you don’t agree with, the fact is you might not.  These are just some tips that can at least keep your head cool, even if the other person doesn’t.

Thanks Jennifer for writing this post – I really think it’s a must-read for everyone!