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It Can Wait

With it being 4th of July weekend, I’m seeing a lot of warnings for people to be careful about the drunk drivers on the road and it makes me think…

Why aren’t we watching for them anyway?

I realize there are more drunk drivers out there during the holidays, but that doesn’t change the fact they’re out there anyway.  And for that matter, what about the sober ones who are driving… and texting?

It’s one thing when a person who is drunk out of their mind decides to drive… since they’re already not thinking clearly, it makes sense they’d take the chance and drive while intoxicated.  But it’s another thing entirely when a person who is completely sober and in their right mind decides to text while they’re driving.

I’m sorry, but how dumb can you get?

It doesn’t matter if your eyes are off the road for even a second… as soon as you look away from the road you are vulnerable to someone hitting you or prone to hit someone yourself.  You might as well be intoxicated while driving if you choose to text while driving.

Even if the text is an emergency, pull over!  Don’t endanger yourself and others for a few words.  As someone who lost his parents because someone chose to text while driving, I will forever be an advocate to stop this kind of thing from happening to others the best I can.

No matter how important the text is, it can wait until you are safely pulled over on the side of the road or until you reached your destination.  Don’t put anyone in danger.

And on that note, don’t drive while intoxicated either.