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17 Before 17: The Results

In the wake of my 17th birthday tomorrow I’d like to take a look at the results of my 17 Before 17 List I made last year.

17-before-17 results

I’m not going to go through all the items on the list, rather I’m going to just list the five I was not able to complete.

  • Write my 100th post on this blog – Honestly, there wasn’t any reason other than laziness for this one.  I let myself get too involved with doing schoolwork, work, video games and other activities to focus on my blog enough to get to that point.  Maybe next year…
  • Travel outside the country – Money and time just wasn’t there.
  • Write a fan-fiction for a favorite fandom – again… laziness.
  • Visit my cousin in London – Well, considering that she and her husband moved back to the USA a few months ago, that’s not entirely my fault for not completing this one.
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger – I had conversations with strangers, but none that really seemed meaningful though.

Not bad though.  I mean, I did accomplish 12 out of 17 of my items.  I’m not doing another list though.  If anything, I’ll just add to my 2016 Goals or start a 2017 Goals bucket list.

On that note, I’m going to update that list now.


17 Before 17

17 before 17

Last Friday I turned 16 along with my brothers Seth and Scotty, and I also passed my test for my driver’s permit.

I’ve seen videos on YouTube and other blog posts that are titled “18 Before 18” or “25 before 25” which is basically a list of what that person wants do do before they turn a particular age.  So I’ve decided to compile a list of seventeen things I want to do before my 17th birthday next year.

Because I have just under a year now to finish this list, the tasks are pretty simple things to do and are certainly things that I should be able to complete in a year.

In order for me to keep the list updated, I created a separate page for it.  So you can check out my 17 Before 17 list there and let me know what you think!