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Keeping My Balance

With all that’s happened in my life over the past few years, it’s surprising that I’ve only gone over the edge once.  Since I hit that low point of my life a year and a half ago, I have added some activities into my life that help to keep me mentally centered (and physically).

keeping my balance

  • Running – Going for runs a few times a week doesn’t just benefit my physical health, it helps me center myself when I have too much on my mind.  Though my heart rate rises as I run, I can feel myself relax as I let out the extra energy I get from being wired with too many thoughts scattered in my head.
  • Cooking – Cooking is a way for me not to relax, but discipline myself and set goals.  I’m not the greatest cook, but I’m not bad.  Cooking is something I have to push myself to get better at because well, a vegan’s gotta eat, right?  Though some recipes I don’t even need to cook, I still need to prepare them just right or they won’t taste good at all.
  • Video games – I’ve always had video games in my life to play when I need to just not focus on anything that’s going on in my real life.  My favorites to play are anything Pokemon or Mario.  Video games might just be mindless fun to some people, but I see them as an essential to keep myself sane.
  • Blogging – Blogging is something I’ve been doing for a year now, and it’s helped me in a way.  I don’t necessarily share my most personal thoughts on here, but letting out something that’s on my mind is therapeutic and it’s great to get feedback from the blogging community.  I also enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts because I can see that sometimes they’re going through the same things I am.

Those are my main activities that keep my brain centered.  Adding them into my weekly routines has helped me wonders, and socializing helps a little too (depending on the people).

What are some things you do to keep yourself centered?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge.”

Coming Soon – Meet the Campbells!

Though I know that we won’t be covering feature posts in Blogging 101 for another two weeks, I have been sitting on a feature idea for a while now and am ready to go forward with it now.  It’s a short series that I’m calling “Project: Meet the Campbells” where I am going to do a short profile and Q&A with each of my siblings, with a bonus post of one of my siblings interviewing me.


The idea came from comments on my blog and my brother Seth‘s blog addressing the fact that we have such a large family.  In fact, we were going to make this a project for both of our blogs, but Seth declined since he does not have as much free time right now.  So I am heading off the project and have already conducted the first few interviews with a few of my older siblings.

It’s a funny feeling to interview your siblings, but it was definitely interesting.  It was fun to come up with individual questions for each of my siblings and I’m looking forward to talking to the rest of them this weekend to finish that part of the project.

I know I am enjoying putting together and executing this project, so I hope those of you who read my blog will enjoy reading the posts and learning a little more about my family.

On that note, I am expecting the first post to go up this Monday.