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Perspective Can Change

As human beings, it’s pretty cool how we can all look at something and have a completely different perspective on it.  I also find it interesting that a bunch of us can do one thing, but for many different reasons.

Say… going vegan.

A few months ago I wrote a post entitled Stop the Stereotypes because quite frankly, I was sick of being judged as an animal rights activist when people found out I’m vegan.  Not to different from other people, I chose to go vegan because it is one of the healthier diets out here.  Since I never ate meat all that much to begin with, it was a little easier to make the change.  Either way, it wasn’t because I suddenly became an animal rights activist that I became a vegan.  I just simply wanted a healthier diet/lifestyle.

Curiosity has gotten the better of me though.  Since these people I don’t even know are assuming I’m an animal rights activist, I decided to look into why some people live a vegan lifestyle in order to be “cruelty-free.”  To be honest, I was disgusted how some animals are treated for food processing and now I can understand why people choose to become vegan for this reason.

But I have to wonder, are they only living a vegan, cruelty-free lifestyle?  Or are they still living the rest of their life as someone who is not passionate about saving animals?

As in, are they also using cruelty-free products?  I believe it’s no secret that animals are used for testing a variety of products, though some might have been banned if I read correctly.  Still, if a person wants to preach a vegan lifestyle to others because it’s cruel to the animals, then shouldn’t they also boycott regular make-up and other product companies that are not cruelty-free?

I guess unless they’re being specific to how animals are treated on the food processing aspect, then they don’t have to.

I will say that what I’ve learned from this has definitely ensured that I will not ever change my vegan diet.  Though I’m not going to go out preaching that others should become vegans because of animal rights, I still was affected by what I have seen from my research.  So no worries, I will not force my vegan diet on anyone.

After all, “To each their own.”


Stop the Stereotypes

Stereotypes seem to be everywhere.  Like, really, they’re everywhere.

Growing up I lived in a nice town in Connecticut, so people always assumed I was a fancy, rich kid… well okay, that’s kind of true, but I never acted like I was better than anyone because of the town I grew up in or the fact my family has money.  But over the last two months I’ve experienced a new stereotype…

… for being vegan.

When people see that I promote myself as a vegan they automatically assume that I’m an animal rights activist who will start preaching to them about not eating animals because it’s not right.  Well, news flash, I’m not exactly an animal rights activist… I’m just trying to be healthier than I was before.  Not to say that saving animals isn’t a bonus to being a vegan, but to me that’s all it is – a bonus.

So just stop with the stereotyping, it’s just not cool.

And it’s annoying.