Double Workload

We’re now back into that time of year where everyone is back to school, including myself.  Though to be fair, I started school again earlier this month… and this school year is going to be different for me.

I mentioned at one point that I have been accepted into my online academy’s Dual Enrollment program where I can take college level courses during my last two years of homeschooling.  At the end of high school, I will have not only a high school diploma, but also an Associate Degree in General Studies.  As such, my workload for school will be a bit more than usual, but I know I can handle it and I’m up for the challenge.

That said, my first two college-level courses are already halfway over.  I am taking Math and English, which for my high school credit are going down as Advanced Placement courses.  The good thing about this dual enrollment program is that the courses I’m taking for the Associate Degree will knock out most, if not all, of my general education requirements I’ll need for when I pursue a Bachelor’s after high school.

Why am I telling you all this?  Well, I just wanted to give you the reason in advance why I will not be posting as frequently as I have been over the past few months.  School has to come before blogging, but I definitely do not intend on leaving blogging entirely.

So I just want to wish luck to all my fellow students good luck this school year, no matter the grade or level of higher education.  Maybe I’ll even post some survival tips of school and what it’s like to be a home-schooled student in an online program.



Luke Cutforth’s Kickstarter Campaign

I watch quite a few YouTubers, and recently saw that one of my favorites, Luke Cutforth, was making a big announcement at the end of July.  Like a lot of others, I thought, “Great, another YouTuber book.”  Not that it’s bad that YouTubers are writing books, but it seems like they’re all doing it at once.

Anyway, it wasn’t a book.  Luke is actually making a film out of one of his favorite books – The Drowning of Arthur Braxton – which he explains that when he first read it, he wanted it to be a film.  Now he’s getting the chance to actually direct that film.

That’s definitely cooler than a book.

So even though they’ve started filming already, there’s still a lot to be done in making this film, and they need a minimum of £75,000 (roughly $117,000) to make it happen.  That’s where the Kickstarter campaign comes in.

It might seem like a lot, and these crowdfunded campaigns can be risky, but on the first day the project raised over a third of their goal.  Now they have 27 days to go and they’re now around two thirds funded.  I don’t think this would be a risk at all if you choose to donate.

Now, I personally have never read the book, so I cannot say I am a fan of the book and want to see it as a movie.  I’ll probably read it at some point, maybe I won’t… I don’t know.  What I do know is that I want to support one of my favorite YouTubers in making one of his dreams come true.  And I do know that I cannot wait to see how the movie turns out (even if I don’t read the book first).


Unplugged 2.0

unplugged 2

So last November I posted about how I had took some unexpected time off from my blog and social media.  It was refreshing to take some time off away from living an online persona and just focus on my actual, real life.  Don’t get me wrong, I love interacting with people online… in fact, it’s how I talk to some of my siblings and cousins since we live in different states.  But I remembered that refreshing feeling I got from not using it, so I knew I’d want to take a break again.

For the record, no, I’m not taking break from my blog or anything… because I already did.

For the last two days of July I unplugged from technology entirely.  I forewarned my family and friends that I’d be doing this so if they needed to get in touch with me, they would know to contact my brother Sammy instead.

By “unplugging from technology” I mean from most modern technology – my laptop, phone,  television and video game systems – basically any type of technology that I could end up wasting a good part of my day with.  So I still used my iPod Shuffle for running, since it has no Internet capability.

So what did I do for two whole days without that kind of technology?

Well, I read quite a bit.  I finished reading Mockingjay since it’s been sitting on my desk for some time now… and I read Connor Franta’s book ‘A Work In Progress’ which I had borrowed from my brother Seth.

I also played a few board games when I wasn’t reading, so I’m now aware of how much fun you can actually have with board games, because after not playing them for a while I forgot they were.  I even got outside with my brother and a few friends to play some messy Twister (and bonus! I was able to check that off my 17 Before 17 list!).

messy twister

And to top it off I spent some time helping out at my church, but not anything tech-related (which is how I usually volunteer there).

After two days without technology, I can say that I do feel pretty refreshed, but it’s not something I can do all the time.  I do think I can try to unplug for a longer period of time, only I’ll let myself make exceptions for work and phone emergencies.  I just so happened to be lucky enough to not have to work those two days and I didn’t need to use the phone for any reason.

So my questions is, have you ever ‘unplugged’ in any sort of way?


College… It’s Not For Everyone

college isn't for everyone

Going to college really isn’t for everyone.  If you think about it, up until recent years college was mainly for the rich, privileged families and their kids.  Even then, when colleges first began to rise, it was only the rich, white men that went – not women or people of other races.

Thankfully, that’s all changed, and anyone can get into college these days.  Still, not everyone does.

I’m one of them… sorta.

My senior year of high school, I was accepted into a few different colleges, including some Ivy League schools.  I chose to stay in state and go with a pretty well known school, UConn.  One of my sisters was already attending, so I would know at least one person on campus.  Plus, when you live in Connecticut and get into UConn… you’re pretty much a rock star.

So I went.  I majored in Classics – learning about Ancient cultures primarily in Ancient Greece and Rome.  I was never sure where I wanted to go with that major, but I thought the topics were pretty cool so, why not?  My freshman year I passed all my classes with no issues, and I made some good friends.  All was well, right?


I wasn’t happy.  Yeah, I was enjoying myself despite being apart from my twin sister for the first time since, well, ever.  But I wasn’t happy.  I felt like the entire thing was a waste of time.  It didn’t help that I had broken up with my girlfriend of over 3 years because I messed up really bad (thankfully, we worked things out and she’s my wife now, but that’s another story).  So instead of signing up for classes the next fall, I dropped out of school and just worked full time to plan my next move.

One of my friends had gone to a technical school for video and radio production after high school, and was telling me about it one day when we were hanging out.  I was interested so he gave me the dates for an open house and when I went, I knew it was right for me.  It was an eight week program where you get trained in video or radio – I chose radio because well, radio has always caught my interest.

And my sisters like to tease me and tell me I have a face for radio.

So eight weeks of technical school and an internship later leads me (mostly) to where I am now.  I’m working in an awesome environment as a part-time radio production assistant and host, while also teaching archery and I love every second of it.  I’ve also recently gotten into voice-over acting and am getting a few gigs doing that on the side.

I think back and am glad I made the decision to not continue with college because if I hadn’t, I’d now have a Bachelor’s in Classics and well, that’s it.  I wouldn’t be doing anything with that degree because while I found that interesting, I wasn’t passionate about it.

So for anyone who isn’t sure about college or is in college, but isn’t happy, think about what it is you really want and if having that degree will really get you to where you want to be.  College isn’t for everyone, despite what society tries to tell us – I know damn well it wasn’t for me.  Not going to college doesn’t make anyone a loser, it’s just not where they’re meant to be.

spyro signature

Keeping My Balance

With all that’s happened in my life over the past few years, it’s surprising that I’ve only gone over the edge once.  Since I hit that low point of my life a year and a half ago, I have added some activities into my life that help to keep me mentally centered (and physically).

keeping my balance

  • Running – Going for runs a few times a week doesn’t just benefit my physical health, it helps me center myself when I have too much on my mind.  Though my heart rate rises as I run, I can feel myself relax as I let out the extra energy I get from being wired with too many thoughts scattered in my head.
  • Cooking – Cooking is a way for me not to relax, but discipline myself and set goals.  I’m not the greatest cook, but I’m not bad.  Cooking is something I have to push myself to get better at because well, a vegan’s gotta eat, right?  Though some recipes I don’t even need to cook, I still need to prepare them just right or they won’t taste good at all.
  • Video games – I’ve always had video games in my life to play when I need to just not focus on anything that’s going on in my real life.  My favorites to play are anything Pokemon or Mario.  Video games might just be mindless fun to some people, but I see them as an essential to keep myself sane.
  • Blogging – Blogging is something I’ve been doing for a year now, and it’s helped me in a way.  I don’t necessarily share my most personal thoughts on here, but letting out something that’s on my mind is therapeutic and it’s great to get feedback from the blogging community.  I also enjoy reading other bloggers’ posts because I can see that sometimes they’re going through the same things I am.

Those are my main activities that keep my brain centered.  Adding them into my weekly routines has helped me wonders, and socializing helps a little too (depending on the people).

What are some things you do to keep yourself centered?


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “On the Edge.”

It Can Wait

With it being 4th of July weekend, I’m seeing a lot of warnings for people to be careful about the drunk drivers on the road and it makes me think…

Why aren’t we watching for them anyway?

I realize there are more drunk drivers out there during the holidays, but that doesn’t change the fact they’re out there anyway.  And for that matter, what about the sober ones who are driving… and texting?

It’s one thing when a person who is drunk out of their mind decides to drive… since they’re already not thinking clearly, it makes sense they’d take the chance and drive while intoxicated.  But it’s another thing entirely when a person who is completely sober and in their right mind decides to text while they’re driving.

I’m sorry, but how dumb can you get?

It doesn’t matter if your eyes are off the road for even a second… as soon as you look away from the road you are vulnerable to someone hitting you or prone to hit someone yourself.  You might as well be intoxicated while driving if you choose to text while driving.

Even if the text is an emergency, pull over!  Don’t endanger yourself and others for a few words.  As someone who lost his parents because someone chose to text while driving, I will forever be an advocate to stop this kind of thing from happening to others the best I can.

No matter how important the text is, it can wait until you are safely pulled over on the side of the road or until you reached your destination.  Don’t put anyone in danger.

And on that note, don’t drive while intoxicated either.


How to Keep a Cool Head On the Internet

So today I’m sharing Young & Twenty’s latest post about how to have a discussion on the Internet rather than an all out fight (you know, with CAPS).  It seems for as long as the Internet has been a thing, people have been getting into fights over just about anything, but especially the controversial topics.  Though seeing people get so hot-headed over can be amusing to someone like me who stays out of it all, people can just sometimes be out of control.

Anyway, over on Young & Twenty, Jennifer shared 10 tips on how to have a discussion and not a hot-headed dispute on the Internet.

I’m sharing this because I think it’s important for everyone to read.  Even if you think you can keep your cool when something pops up that you don’t agree with, the fact is you might not.  These are just some tips that can at least keep your head cool, even if the other person doesn’t.

Thanks Jennifer for writing this post – I really think it’s a must-read for everyone!