About Me!

Welcome to 99+ Sly Thoughts!

Welcome to the workings of the inner Sly.  So first, a little about myself…

I am currently a high school student with a lot of extra free time, so why not start a blog?  My interests are playing soccer, BMX riding/racing, playing video games, fiddling with computers and javascript/html codes, writing, and reading. I’ve never really delved into writing much more than a few short stories for school, so this is my first real shot a real writing. I come from a family of 9 kids, me being the 7th in line and a triplet (the oldest one). May 19th, 2014 was the start of my vegan diet and I have not felt better than I do now.

Now for what the blog is about… well, it’s about everything.  As you read above, I’m a kid with many interests, so I suppose my blog will be about what inspires me to write.  I’ll share my life, things I find interesting, probably a little about my vegan journey, and other aspects of my life.  I can’t give an actual pinpoint to this blog other than that it’s a spot for me to unload my thoughts.  So to all readers, I hope you enjoy my random, off-the-wall ramblings.

Remember to eat all the cookies you can ;)


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