17 Before 17: The Results

In the wake of my 17th birthday tomorrow I’d like to take a look at the results of my 17 Before 17 List I made last year.

17-before-17 results

I’m not going to go through all the items on the list, rather I’m going to just list the five I was not able to complete.

  • Write my 100th post on this blog – Honestly, there wasn’t any reason other than laziness for this one.  I let myself get too involved with doing schoolwork, work, video games and other activities to focus on my blog enough to get to that point.  Maybe next year…
  • Travel outside the country – Money and time just wasn’t there.
  • Write a fan-fiction for a favorite fandom – again… laziness.
  • Visit my cousin in London – Well, considering that she and her husband moved back to the USA a few months ago, that’s not entirely my fault for not completing this one.
  • Have a meaningful conversation with a stranger – I had conversations with strangers, but none that really seemed meaningful though.

Not bad though.  I mean, I did accomplish 12 out of 17 of my items.  I’m not doing another list though.  If anything, I’ll just add to my 2016 Goals or start a 2017 Goals bucket list.

On that note, I’m going to update that list now.


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Sly is a 18 year old college student who enjoys photography, riding his bike, cooking vegan meals, reading, and web design. Oh, he enjoys writing too. View all posts by Sly Campbell

3 responses to “17 Before 17: The Results

  • Nicole

    Sounds like you did a great deal on your list & you should be proud!
    It’s good that you put schoolwork first, shows you have your priorities in order.

    I’ve written a few fanfictions (though nothing amazing) & lot of time does go into it. If it’s something you really want maybe start out doing a one-shot and see how it develops from there?

    Remember there are always going to be elements you can’t control, this is especially tricky with travel.

    Congrats on what you accomplished, and what you couldn’t? There’s always another year!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sly Campbell

      Yeah, I’m definitely only thinking of doing a one-shot when I get around to it. It’s more or less choosing a fandom I think I can pull off writing for.

      I’m definitely thinking of doing one of these again, but maybe a few years out… like before I turn 21 or 25… something like that to give me some time to accomplish more of the things I want to do with in my life :)


  • Nicole

    Awesome! Choose something you really love and you know well. My favourites of mine are probably HP and Charmed because I knew the characters so well etc.
    Plus I like that you don’t have to stick to script, you can pretty much do whatever you want with fanfiction.

    Sounds like a great idea! & the lists are fun to make. Good Luck with the ones you do in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

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