Two Years

two years

Two years – it’s a long time in some aspects, like if you’re waiting for a movie or book to be released, but in reality it’s just a speck in time.

It all depends on how you look at it.

Before it happens, it seems like two years is so far away.  Like thinking right now, if I have to wait for a new movie, book or gadget to come out in 2018 it feels like that day will never come.  Once it does come though, it won’t feel like I waited two years (or maybe it will, I guess that depends).

When it comes to other things in life, two years is nothing.

I’ve been in high school for just over two years now, and I can’t believe it.  I feel like I just started my freshman year.  I can hardly believe that this time next year I’ll be in my final months of high school and preparing for college.

Two years ago today, I asked out the most amazing girl to enter my life… and I still feel like it was only yesterday she came into my life.  Long distance might play a part in my feeling like we haven’t been together for two years already, but I think even if I did see her everyday I’d feel the same.  Just as I can’t believe I’m actually lucky enough to have her in my life.

Time is funny.  It can feel like it flies by too quickly or plays out in slow motion.

Fast or slow, I’m just happy that I’m able to spend my life with those who are important to me.

Happy anniversary Sarah!


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Sly is a 18 year old college student who enjoys photography, riding his bike, cooking vegan meals, reading, and web design. Oh, he enjoys writing too. View all posts by Sly Campbell

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