College… It’s Not For Everyone

college isn't for everyone

Going to college really isn’t for everyone.  If you think about it, up until recent years college was mainly for the rich, privileged families and their kids.  Even then, when colleges first began to rise, it was only the rich, white men that went – not women or people of other races.

Thankfully, that’s all changed, and anyone can get into college these days.  Still, not everyone does.

I’m one of them… sorta.

My senior year of high school, I was accepted into a few different colleges, including some Ivy League schools.  I chose to stay in state and go with a pretty well known school, UConn.  One of my sisters was already attending, so I would know at least one person on campus.  Plus, when you live in Connecticut and get into UConn… you’re pretty much a rock star.

So I went.  I majored in Classics – learning about Ancient cultures primarily in Ancient Greece and Rome.  I was never sure where I wanted to go with that major, but I thought the topics were pretty cool so, why not?  My freshman year I passed all my classes with no issues, and I made some good friends.  All was well, right?


I wasn’t happy.  Yeah, I was enjoying myself despite being apart from my twin sister for the first time since, well, ever.  But I wasn’t happy.  I felt like the entire thing was a waste of time.  It didn’t help that I had broken up with my girlfriend of over 3 years because I messed up really bad (thankfully, we worked things out and she’s my wife now, but that’s another story).  So instead of signing up for classes the next fall, I dropped out of school and just worked full time to plan my next move.

One of my friends had gone to a technical school for video and radio production after high school, and was telling me about it one day when we were hanging out.  I was interested so he gave me the dates for an open house and when I went, I knew it was right for me.  It was an eight week program where you get trained in video or radio – I chose radio because well, radio has always caught my interest.

And my sisters like to tease me and tell me I have a face for radio.

So eight weeks of technical school and an internship later leads me (mostly) to where I am now.  I’m working in an awesome environment as a part-time radio production assistant and host, while also teaching archery and I love every second of it.  I’ve also recently gotten into voice-over acting and am getting a few gigs doing that on the side.

I think back and am glad I made the decision to not continue with college because if I hadn’t, I’d now have a Bachelor’s in Classics and well, that’s it.  I wouldn’t be doing anything with that degree because while I found that interesting, I wasn’t passionate about it.

So for anyone who isn’t sure about college or is in college, but isn’t happy, think about what it is you really want and if having that degree will really get you to where you want to be.  College isn’t for everyone, despite what society tries to tell us – I know damn well it wasn’t for me.  Not going to college doesn’t make anyone a loser, it’s just not where they’re meant to be.

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