Meet the Campbells: Scotty


Scott R. Campbell

Short Bio:

scottyScotty is the youngest of all the Campbell siblings, being 5 minutes younger than Seth and 17 minutes younger than Sly – his triplet brothers.

Even as a child Scotty displayed a love for performing, whether it was acting in school plays or singing in the school choir or in front of friends and family.  He enjoyed being on stage rather than playing sports, though that did not stop him from excelling in baseball and soccer during middle school.

Scotty learned to play piano when he was only 4 years old and later learned guitar when he was 9.  Around that time he also began to take vocal lessons and has since taught himself to play a few other instruments.  He now produces some of his own music, which he shared on his personal website, and has DJ’d a few school events and his brother Spyro’s wedding.

Since starting high school, Scotty has put more focus into producing music and acting.  He is a part of the school’s Improv Acting club and recently starred in the school’s Christmas show as the male lead.


What is it like to be the youngest child of such a large family?

Not bad. It’s crazy for sure, and I did get teased a lot, but it’s also awesome having 8 older siblings having my back when I need them.

What made you choose to get so involved in acting?

I just loved it when my elementary school classes would do plays.  It was fun seeing people smile in the audience and I just wanted to keep on doing that.

How did you feel when Spyro and Raye asked you to deejay their wedding?

I was so happy and honored…. it’s beyond explanation.

You are also into writing… what kind of stuff do you write?

I’ve done a bit of screenwriting… I’m actually working on one now for a future school production.  I’ve written a few fictional stories too.

Was there a lot of pressure when you got your first lead role in a high school production?

Oh yeah, but I was able to pull it off thanks to my cast-mates.

I know it’s early, but are you looking into any schools for college?

I’ve browsed, but I don’t have my heart set on any just yet.

If you could only be a musician, writer or actor… which would you choose?

I hate this question… but I’d choose acting.


And that wraps up Project: Meet the Campbells!  I had a lot of fun doing this project and I hope you all enjoyed reading it.  It’s going to be weird not having these posts going up during the week.  Hopefully I’ll have a new project soon enough!

Oh, and did any of you notice that the 9 of us have the initials SRC or SAC?

Congrats if you did.

Anyway, until next time… stay cute.



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