Meet the Campbells: Seth


Seth R. Campbell

Short Bio:

sethSeth is the 8th Campbell child and the middle triplet brother to Sly and Scotty.

Seth is known as the quietest of the siblings and other than hanging out with his same-aged brothers, he often likes to keep to himself.  Though he does enjoy the company of a few close friends.  His hobbies coincide with his quiet nature, as he is often found reading, taking pictures out around campus or sometimes playing his Nintendo DSi.

The avid reader he is, at the start of his sophomore year at the boarding school he attends he approached his English teacher with the idea of starting a book club.  It was not long before the club was approved and a decent number of students signed up, with Seth as the club’s president.

While about half of the Campbell siblings have some sight impairment and require glasses or contacts, Seth is the only sibling who is hearing impaired and cannot hear what goes on around him unless he wears hearing aids.  When Seth began to lose his hearing, he immediately began to learn American Sign Language and his siblings jumped into classes alongside him.

Seth enjoys playing all types of sports and holds a place on his school’s tennis team and had previously played for his middle school soccer team.  He also currently writes for his own blog, Tales of a Triplet, here on if you’d like to check it out.


Which of your older siblings tended to pick on you the most?

Spyro, definitely. But of course, Sam and Ian have done their share of picking on me (as well as Sly and Scotty).

What is your favorite meal and drink of choice?

I really love buffalo chicken pizza for a meal, and I love mango or peach iced tea to drink.

What drove the change from soccer to tennis?

I’ve always loved tennis.  I used to play with my dad and cousins at the country club or at the high school when I was younger, so when I made the transition to high school I decided to transition sports as well.

How have you dealt with being hearing impaired for the past few years?

I’ve tried to find the positives in it… for instance when I’m trying to read in a noisy area I just switch them off and silence is mine.

Did it make it easier that your siblings began to learn ASL with you?

Very much, it was the best thing they’ve ever done for me and I’ll never forget it.

Has ASL become a secret code that you like to use with your siblings?

At times it does.

Since you have too many favorite books to choose just one, what are your favorite movies and TV shows?

Ha, that’s the truth!  My favorite movies are Liar Liar and Recess: School’s Out.  My favorite shows are Hey Arnold and Avatar the Last Air Bender.


Ladies and gentlemen, there’s only one Campbell siblings left.  Tune in Friday to meet him!



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