Meet the Campbells: Sly [guest post by Seth]


Sylvester A. Campbell

Short Bio:

10644074_288090734728865_781012919_nMeet the 7th child of the Campbell family, Sylvester.

Otherwise known as Sly, he is the oldest of the only set of triplets in the family and he is also the only vegan.  Though his name suggest a devious quality, he is the exact opposite.  Growing up, Sly looked up to all his older siblings with an admiration that none of them could understand even to this day.  He spent different times in his life shadowing each of them, imitating what they did in order to learn all he could from them.

Sly began to show an interest in photography at the age of ten when one of his sister’s gave him her old camera, and he now works a few odd-jobs along with Sammy and Ian with SSI Photography.  It was around the age of thirteen when he became interested in computer repair and programming after watching Sammy fix his friend’s broken computer.  Since then he was been constantly educating himself in the field of computer programming and knows that this, along with web design, is what he wants to pursue as a career.

Despite his computer geek qualities, Sly is very much into sports and played on a community soccer team when he was younger.  He also spent a few years racing BMX in the state of Connecticut, but once he was enrolled in boarding school with his brothers, he left the sport behind.  After a year of boarding school, Sly decided he wanted to leave in favor of being home-schooled through an online academy while living with his brothers, Sammy and Ian, and their friends.


Is it weird to be separated from your triplet brothers?

Yeah, I mean, after sharing a room with them for fourteen years it was almost nerve-wracking.  It’s been almost a year now since I moved in with Sammy and Ian, so we’re getting a little more used to the arrangement, but it stinks not being in the same state as them.

What was the main reason you decided you wanted to be home-schooled?

I wanted to be able to have more time for myself to learn more about computers and web design.  I had also just become a vegan at the time, so I needed even more free time to learn to make vegan meals.

Do people ever tell you that you should just focus on being a kid?

All the time, but the thing is I’m having fun with what I’m doing, so I don’t see why people get worried about me.

Other than feeling healthier, what is another benefit of being vegan?

I’ve learned to cook and prepare my own meals.  My future wife is going to love me, ha!

Is it hard to be in a long-distance relationship with your girlfriend?

Yeah.  I definitely hate not being able to see her every day like I did when we were at school together, but we’re making it work.

What prompted you to start a blog?

I just kind of wanted a space on the internet to share my life other than updating my Facebook page.  Blogging definitely gives me a more creative way to share what’s going on in my life than, “Doing homework. Bored. Text me.”  Lame.

How has the experience of conducting “Project: Meet the Campbells” been?

This has been so much fun.  It was weird interviewing my siblings, but they enjoyed it as much as I did.  I’m even getting to hand this in for one of my class projects that we had to do about our families, so there’s a bonus to doing this other than it just being a fun project.


I just want to give a thanks to Sly for letting me conduct this interview for a guest post; it was definitely fun interviewing him for his own blog.  So, everyone tune in next week when Sly takes control of the wheel again and interviews the next in line – me!

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