Meet the Campbells: Ian


Sebastian A. Campbell

Short Bio:

sebSebastian, or Ian, is the 6th child of the Campbell family and the younger identical twin of Sammy.

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Like his twin, Ian had an early interest in playing soccer and skateboarding.  Though skateboarding was more a pastime, soccer was something that he really loved and growing up he dreamed of going pro.  The dream changed when he began doing photography with his sister Serena and knew that it was something he’d want to continue doing throughout his life.

Some considered Ian to be the shadow of Sammy, but in reality he wasn’t.  True, he was the quieter of the two, but could be just as mischievous when he wanted to be.  He also differed on an academic level than his twin, as he excelled in math and history while Sammy excelled in English and science.

After graduating high school a year early alongside his brother, Ian knew right away he wasn’t ready to head off to college – he was unsure of what he wanted to do in the future.  After forming a small photography company with his brothers, SSI Photography, Ian found out that, not only did he love photography, but he loved the business aspect of it as well.  He is now a full-time college student pursuing his degree in Business and Marketing.


Does it ever get frustrating when people confuse you and Sammy?

Yes.  The only time it’s not frustrating is when we’re confusing them on purpose.

Are you enjoying living on a university campus?

Yeah, it’s different.  I do miss the freedom of living in my own place, but it’s definitely not bad.

How did you decide that you wanted to take some personal time before starting college?

I just didn’t know what I wanted to do after graduating high school, so I decided to not go to school rather than waste my time and money.

Do you still play soccer even though it’s not your dream to go pro?

Oh yeah.  Sammy and I love getting our friends together to play a game when we can.

If you did grow up to play professional soccer, what international team would you like to play for?


Where was your favorite vacation at?

When we went to England this past summer to visit our cousin.  It was fun exploring a new country and visiting the well-known landmarks of London.

In one word, how would you describe growing up in a house with eight siblings?



Six down!  We’re getting close to the end of the series everyone.  Tune in Monday for the special guest post where one of my siblings will profile and interview me.



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