Meet the Campbells: Sammy


Samuel R. Campbell

Short Bio:

samSammy is the second son of the Campbell kids and the identical twin brother of Ian, making the two the only set of identical twins.

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Under the coaching of Spyro, Sammy began playing soccer at the age of five and continued to play up until his senior year of high school.  Like his brother, he knew that soccer was not what he wanted to pursue later in life.  Sammy, along with his brother, gained an interest in skateboarding and to this day still prefers to skate across town than drive.

Sammy was the first one of the family to gain a serious interest in music and formed a band with his twin and a few of their friends.  He sang and played bass for two bands over the course of four years, and his second (and most serious) band – What Lies Beneath – won their school’s talent show and even released a few songs locally.  The band’s three year reign came to an end when Sammy and his younger siblings moved to New York in his senior year of high school.

At the age of nine, Sammy fell in love with an older girl named Mia – his sister Serena’s friend.  He was known as a flirt among his sister’s friends, so the girls never took him seriously.  When he was a mere twelve years old, he and the girl whom he held feelings for finally became an item.  Over the course of the last seven years, Sammy and Mia were together on and off, but never lost their friendship.  After spending a year apart while Mia studied abroad in France, she came back surprising him and the two reunited for what seems to be for good.

Sammy now lives in a full house of seven people, though only two are his brothers and the remaining are his girlfriend and a few of their friends.  Sammy currently works freelance as a tutor and photographer and is currently a sophomore at Liberty University Online pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice and Forensics.


If you hadn’t moved in senior year, do you believe your band would still be together?

I want to say yes, but I know that the opposite is true.  We all had different interests and would’ve eventually split up once we all graduated high school and went off to college.

Do you enjoy being an identical twin as opposed to a fraternal twin?

Yes!  Ian and I have been able to pull a switch more times than I can count.  It came in handy for certain situations.  Plus, it was fun to mess around with our siblings, parents and friends. We’re basically the blonde, American version of Fred and George Weasley.

What is your go-to snack food?

Coffee ice cream.

Why did you decide to attend college online?

It allows me to keep a flexible schedule for working freelance, and I don’t have to live two hours away from Mia while she’s finishing her degree at her current school.

You and Mia have a rather interesting “first kiss” story. Care to share it?

Picture it… it’s New Year’s Eve and a twelve year old boy goes to give his girlfriend a kiss on the cheek at midnight, only she’s thinking the same thing.  So we both turned our heads and instead of kissing each others’ cheek, we ended up kissing on the lips.  It’s an experience we’ll never forget… our friends won’t either.

Do people often criticize your relationship with a girl who’s three years older than you?

Sometimes, especially when I was in high school.  Now that I’m an adult people tend to back off.  It helps that I’m nearly a foot taller than her, so every once in a while strangers will assume I’m older than her.

Is it weird to be considered a guardian to one of your younger brothers?

Considering the fact I’m only 18?  Yeah.  It’s actually too weird so I actually try not to acknowledge that unless it’s necessary.


Five down, three to go!  Four if you include the bonus guest post that is coming up soon.  Tune in Friday to meet the next Campbell sibling!



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