Meet the Campbells: Spyro


Spyridon A. Campbell

spyroShort Bio:

Spyro is the first-born son of the family, is the fraternal-twin brother of Serena and to clarify, no, he is not a small purple dragon.

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During his childhood, Spyro kept himself occupied with soccer and teasing his younger brothers.  As the oldest boy of the family he found himself getting into the most trouble, but not any serious trouble.  In his early teenage years he took a short interest in writing while he harbored hidden feelings for his twin sister’s best friend.  It was the summer of 2008 when he built up the courage to ask her out, the winter of 2010 they would have their first major fight, the summer of 2012 he would ask her to marry her and the fall of 2014 they would say “I do.”

Throughout high school Spyro played on the varsity soccer team, but had no intentions of continuing after graduation.  After attending the University of Connecticut for two semesters, he knew that college was not his calling (despite his high SAT scores) and dropped out to work full-time between two jobs.  In the spring of 2014 he enrolled at the Connecticut School of Broadcasting in the radio program and upon graduation worked part-time as in intern at a local radio station.

Now married and living near Boston, Massachusetts while his wife attends Harvard Law, Spyro works as a production assistant in one of Boston’s radio stations and is eager to work his way up in the field.


Did you get teased a lot growing up because of your name?

All the time.  I don’t get teased about it anymore, but I do get a questioning look when I introduce myself to new people.

Was it a hard decision to leave college after your first year?

A little.  I was more or less worried that my parents would be disappointed, but my sisters helped me get through telling them and they were shockingly okay with it.

You played soccer for most of your life, did you ever consider going pro?

No.  Soccer was always just something fun for me to do.

Did it ever get weird being in a relationship with your twin sister’s best friend?

At times, especially when we would fight, and we fought quite a lot over the years.  We even broke up a few times.  It was weird because I didn’t want to get my sister involved, but at the same time I wanted her on my side because I’m her twin.

I asked Sabrina, so I’ll ask you… now that you’re married, any chance I’ll be getting a new niece or nephew in the future?

Ha, no.  I can’t say that I’m a hundred percent sure that Raye and I won’t have kids, but we both know right now that we’re not in the place to have any now.

What is your favorite pastime?

I love going to the gun range and archery… your typical American hobbies.

Are you happy with where your life is right now?

Yeah, I am.  I never thought my life would turn out this way, but I’m glad it did and I’m super grateful for everyone in my life.


I bet you still don’t believe my brother’s name is Spyro, well, believe it.  ‘Cause it’s true.  Tune in Friday to meet Spyro’s twin sister, Serena!



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