Meet the Campbells: Sandy

sandy 2

Sandra A. Campbell-Blackburn

Short Bio:

sandySandy is the second oldest of the Campbell kids and the twin sister of Sabrina.

Growing up Sandy held a passion for dancing.  She and her twin started dance lessons at age four which grew into what would be Sandy’s first true love.  She had no problems spending extra time at the dance studio as she got older and went on to even teach a few classes as she grew into a seasoned dancer.  All through high school she held a spot on the dance team and choreographed her team’s final performance of her senior year.  Sandy made it onto the dance team when she entered college, but resigned from the team after her freshman year, wanting to focus on her education.  She still dances, even teaching a class here and there, but she had found her second love in high school – psychology.

After taking a introductory psychology course in her senior year of high school, Sandy had found what she would want to pursue as a career.  Like her twin, she wanted to help people, but due to her queasiness around blood and needles, a doctor was out of the question.  Her focus as now landed on helping them mentally and socially – especially hurting children.  Sandy now holds two degrees in Psychology – a Bachelor’s from the University of Connecticut and a Master’s from New York University – and is pursuing her doctorate degree at one of the country’s top schools.

On Valentine’s Day 2012 Sandra married her college love, Ben.  The two had met while working at a sandwich shop off-campus and soon after began dating.  They recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary and have no plans at this time to have any children.


Growing up, did Sabrina ever throw the “older twin” card in your face?

She still does!  Though she doesn’t as much and when she does, it’s in a fun way.  But as kids, she always loved to claim her title as the older twin and she made sure everyone, I mean everyone, knew it!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Still married, for one.  I can see myself working as a child-psychologist, possibly as a school psychologist or even a guidance counselor.  Some kids have no parental figure in their lives and kids really need one as they get older.

Do you ever wish you had taken a break between all these years of schooling?

When school gets tough, yes (and as a psychology student that happens often).  But honestly, I’m happy I’ve continued straight through with my education.

Is it weird now that your siblings are scattered across four states?

It’s very weird.  Even though I live in the same area as two of them, having the rest so far away is a little unsettling.  I think we’re all still adjusting to the distance, even though it’s been over a year.

Did you ever think you’d end up in a career that wasn’t dancing?

No.  All my life I was certain I would be a dance professional, whether it was performing or teaching.  I never thought I would love a career field more than dance.

Are you happy where you are or would you like to move once you’ve finished school?

Ben and I like Massachusetts, but it’s not the place for us.  We can definitely see ourselves moving back to Connecticut or Delaware, where Ben grew up, once I’m done with school.

Do you think mom and dad would be proud of their kids?

No doubt about it.  I might be biased, but I have some really amazing siblings who are maturing into some of the greatest young-adults out there.


So now you’ve met my two oldest sisters!  Tune in Monday to meet the next Campbell sibling!



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