Meet the Campbells: Sabrina


Sabrina R. Campbell-Quinn

Short Bio:

sabrinaSabrina is the oldest of the Campbell kids, being 11 minutes older than her twin sister, Sandy.

As a child Sabrina had always dreamed of becoming a doctor.  She had a way of coercing her younger siblings into playing hospital where she would be constantly saving their lives or prescribing them medicine in the form of grape juice.  Though most children’s dreams often change as they grow older, hers did not.

Sabrina has always been active, taking part in sports and going to dance lessons with her sister for 8 years.  From junior high up through high school Sabrina was part of her schools’ cheerleading teams, even making head cheerleader her senior year of high school.  In addition to cheerleading, Sabrina also played on her high school’s  tennis team for 3 years.  In order to make sure she wouldn’t gain the dreaded “freshman 15” when she started college, she changed her eating habits and joined a local gym in order to stay in shape.

As of May 2012 Sabrina works as a nurse and is going to medical school in Connecticut – pursuing her childhood dream of being able to help others.  Though the oldest, she was the last of the three Campbell girls to get married this past November.


What is it like to be the oldest child of such a large family?

It’s never boring!  Someone was always causing trouble and keeping our parents busy.  I think they appreciated the fact that we’re each 3 years apart from each other so the the older ones, meaning Sandy and I, could keep an eye on a few of them while they dealt with the rest.

What is your favorite meal and drink of choice?

My favorite meal to make with Isaac is grilled lemon chicken with roasted potatoes.  As far as drinks go, I’m always drinking water aside from my morning coffee, but I do enjoy a strawberry daiquiri every once in a while.

Being into healthy eating and fitness, have you ever considered blogging about it?

I have, but with my job and being in med school I feel that keeping up with a blog would feel like a job rather than a hobby.  Maybe once I’m out of school and settled in a career.

What is one of your favorite family memories?

Our first family trip to Paris.  It was honestly surprising that the younger ones behaved well enough and didn’t try to wander off on their own (yes you, Sly).  Other than that, it was amazing being in a new place with the entire family.

Now that you’re married, any chance I’ll be getting a new niece or nephew in the future?

Not in the next year, no.  I’d like to get through school before I think about having kids, but it’s not out of the question.

Why didn’t you pursue sports while in college?

I wanted to focus on my education.  I really enjoyed cheerleading and tennis, but I didn’t want any team commitments keeping me from school.  Joining a gym was more flexible because I was able to do it on my own time.

Do you have any advice for your loving, younger siblings?

Just keep doing what you’re all doing.  You all seem to know who you are as a person and what you want in life, which is especially great for the youngest three.  I’m definitely one of the proudest oldest siblings out there.


So now you have a glimpse of who my oldest sister is.  Tune in next time to meet the next Campbell sibling!



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