This Time Last Year v.1

This time last year my life was a lot different.  I was still at boarding school with my brothers and loving it.  Sometimes I find myself missing the school and wishing I was back, but I do love being in Virginia with my two older brothers and going to school online.

While I don’t know what I was doing on this exact day last year, I know it was in early February that I finally decided to get some social media accounts, with Twitter and Facebook, so I could stay in touch with my family and friends living in Connecticut and New York.  I think I had shocked a few of my friends when I joined Facebook since I had never been interested in the social media thing, but I know that it’s quickly becoming a requirement for getting myself known out there as a potential photographer and designer (when my skills are a little more developed, that is).

I was also still sort of recovering from losing my parents.  I remember spending a lot of hours locked away in my dorm room because I didn’t feel like talking to many people.  There was one person who wouldn’t let me be alone 24/7 and I really have to thank her for her persistence because I might not have come out of my shell as much as I did.  She really showed me what it means to be a friend and though I don’t see her all the time now, she’s the most amazing person to have entered my life.

There’s not much more to say about what I was doing at this time last year, I was fourteen, in school and slightly depressed.  The good thing is that thanks to the best people in my life, I am doing better now and loving where my life is heading.



About Sly Campbell

Sly is a 18 year old college student who enjoys photography, riding his bike, cooking vegan meals, reading, and web design. Oh, he enjoys writing too. View all posts by Sly Campbell

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