Change is Inevitable

So I recently found out that a lot of people are trying to stick to iOS 6 because they don’t like the change of the interface or they’re just afraid of iOS 7.

Well, news flash people!  iOS 8 is coming really soon so you’d better get moving and change your software because soon enough the apps on your iPhone aren’t going to work anymore.  They’ll all be updated to the new iOS 8.

As far as not liking the change of the looks that were made for iOS 7, get over it!  Change happens.  Oh, and you’ll get used to it.  I’ll admit I didn’t like it that much when I first switched to iOS 7, but after using it a few times I got used to it.  And now when I see someone has iOS 6 it’s weird for me.

For those who are scared of iOS 7, well, there’s really nothing to be scared of.  They’re constantly fixing any problems that arise with the software, so if that’s what you’re afraid of, don’t worry about it.  Besides, there’s always going to be problems when new software comes out and that’s going to be the case for iOS 8 as well.  We’re just lucky there’s people always working to make our software better.

Change is inevitable.  So you might as well just go with it.


About Sly Campbell

Sly is a 18 year old college student who enjoys photography, riding his bike, cooking vegan meals, reading, and web design. Oh, he enjoys writing too. View all posts by Sly Campbell

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