2 Months Vegan

It is two months to the day that I started my vegan diet, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

Vegan chocolate chip espresso cookies.

Vegan chocolate chip espresso cookies.

When I first decided to go vegan my friends and family thought I was crazy. I am a guy after all, and guys like their meat.  However, I’ve never been one for meat, with the exception of chicken and fish meals, but I haven’t had either in the last two months.  My siblings especially thought I would quit this diet after only a week.  It’s not that they don’t believe I can stick to something I want to do, it’s just to change eating habits can be somewhat drastic, especially starting a vegan diet.

Coconut-avocado key lime pie with cashew-macadamia crust

Coconut-avocado key lime pie with cashew-macadamia crust

Of course, starting my diet wasn’t easy.  Even now I still get tempted when it comes to seeing my friends snack on the foods I used to love eating, but I still get to enjoy foods I used to eat, I just have to change the recipe such was when I have pizza or cake.  Which is another good thing from going vegan, I have had to learn to cook a lot of the food I’ve been eating.  Not that there is really much to cook since there’s no meat involved, but for making vegan hot foods or pastries, well, you get my point.  So there’s a lot more work involved with being on a vegan diet, but for me it’s most definitely worth it.

So here I am two months later and honestly, I feel so much healthier.  Without a lot of the junk that is in the foods of my old eating habits, I feel like if I were to go back to those foods I’d get sick.  Yep, going vegan was one the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.


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Sly is a 18 year old college student who enjoys photography, riding his bike, cooking vegan meals, reading, and web design. Oh, he enjoys writing too. View all posts by Sly Campbell

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